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Wagmu Suggest Dropdown.

1. Once you have entered all the foods, you can click "Suggest".

Click Suggest.

Suggest takes the foods you've currently logged, and proposes new quantities for them, that will better fulfill your nutritional requirements.

See the different food quantities it suggests?

2. However, as you can see, this solution from Suggest is a little absurd. I wouldn't want to eat 9.64 eggs, 100 slices of tomato, or 76.58 strawberries! Now, I love strawberries, but everything in moderation! What can be done about this?

Fortunately, Suggest allows you to limit suggestions of this sort. This is done through the radio buttons, which are to the right of the quantity. "=" fixes amounts to exactly what you've entered, while "-" sets a maximum, and "+" sets a minimum, while "+/-" leaves the amount totally open.

So, in this case, we probably want to make use of the "-" to put an upper bound on each of these. Set the quantity to your desired amount, and click the "-" radio button.

For my taste, I think eating two eggs, four slices of tomato, and 8 strawberries is pretty reasonable. Then click Suggest again, and this is the result.

Notice how I adjusted all three at once.

3. It's starting to look more plausible now. But let's say I don't want to eat any tomato at all, unless I have ham and bread to eat with it. Then, I would want to make use of the "=" or "+" radio buttons.

Imagine that I want exactly two pieces of bread, to make a sandwich, and at least two pieces of ham. First, set the quantity of bread to 2, then, click the "=" radion button, so that Suggest will give you exactly two slices. Likewise, for the ham, set the quantity, and select the "+" radio button so that Suggest will give you at least two pieces.

Use the radio buttons to your taste.

4. Then, click Suggest again, to see what amounts of the other foods you should eat.

Use the radio buttons to your taste.

Don't forget to read the Message Panel, for extra information about the plan. For example, the Message Panel notes that this diet plan can't supply enough Vitamin D. Wagmu can help solve this, through the Wagmu Suggest Dropdown., which recommends foods for you to add to your plan. Give it a try!