Help - The Food Plan

A quick way to learn more about any feature in the Food Plan is mouse over it. This will reveal a short description of that feature.

Mousing over reveals a short description.

Below you can find additional information about all of the Food Plan features.

Entering Foods in the Food Plan

Wagmu allows you to track what you eat each day. To do this, click on "Type a food word, then select...".

Click to enter a food.

Then enter a keyword. If you can't find a food, like "eggs", type less, like "egg".

Type in a search term.

The food selection drop down menu will appear, and display foods containing that term, listed alphabetically. Your cursor will start at the top, and you can scroll down to the food you want, or you can click it with the mouse.

You don't need to hit enter.

Click or scroll to the food item.

The names of these foods may seem unnatural at first (e.g., swiss chard instead of silver beet). Our data is from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, version SR20. U.S. milk is fortified with vitamins A and D. If you are outside the U.S., you should probably choose milk without vitamin A.

After you have selected a food, click the zero under quantity...

Click to enter the quantity.

Then type in the amount.

Enter the quantity.

After you've finished entering the quanitity, it is time to choose the units. The default unit is either grams or ounces depending on your default unit settings. Click this unit if you wish to change it. Some foods have additional units to choose from in their drop down. For example, most breads allow you to chose "slice" as the unit.

Click to select unit.

Or eggs allow you to select "large" eggs as the unit. So choose the unit that is most appropriate for you.

Select the best unit.

After you enter both the units and the quantity, the nutrient panel will appear on the right, showing your progress so far.

The Nutrient Panel on the right shows your progress for the day.

Mouse over nutrients to see more details about how you are progressing.

Mousing over reveals details about your progress.

Congratulations! You can now enter foods of different quantities and units to the Food Plan. Once you have entered everything, try clicking Suggest, and watch your nutrition improve!

Deleting Foods from the Food Plan

If you have entered the wrong food and want to get rid of it, set its quantity to zero. This removes it from affecting your nutrients. Then after you refresh the page the food item will no longer be listed at all. This allows you to list foods at zero that you want Suggest to take into consideration.

To delete something, set the quantity to zero.

Grouping Foods

By default, the foods in the Food Plan are divided into four groups: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner. However, you can adjust this, by clicking any column heading on the toolbar.

To do this, click on the heading you wish to sort by.

Click Quantity, or whichever heading you wish.

From there, a dropdown menu should appear.

See the dropdown menu?

Then click "Group By This Field."

Click Group By This Field.

This will group the foods accordingly.

Sorted by Quantity.

You can even choose to not group them at all. Just go that menu and uncheck the box that says "Show in groups."

Uncheck the Show in Groups Box.

With that box unchecked, foods will appear as a list.

Foods are now displayed in an ungrouped list.

Changing which Columns are Displayed

Furthermore, by clicking on the toolbar you can also adjust what column headings are displayed. For example, you may want to see the energy contribution of each food.

To do this, click on a heading, such as Quantity.

Click Quantity, or whichever heading you wish.

From there, the dropdown menu should appear.

See the dropdown menu?

Mouse over "Columns" to reveal the dropdown containing all the heading options.

Mouseover Columns to reveal the next dropdown. Look at all those choices!

To create a column that displays the energy of each food, click "Energy".

Click Energy to display each item's contribution to energy.

The column will appear, listing the energy for each food.

The energy column is now present.

Likewise, you can choose to display a column to show the itemized cost of each food item.

Click Cost to display item by item cost.

From there, you can select whatever combinations of headings you wish.

Saving Food Plans

Each time you enter a food, Wagmu saves this update into the plan for that day. However, the best way to save a plan you like is to copy the plan to another day.

Copying the plan to another day preserves the plan you like on that other day, while letting you change the plan for the current day. So, if you have a great day, where you like the food and it's highly nutritious, you can easily repeat that food plan another day.

To do this, click "Copy this plan to another day."

Click here to copy this plan to another day.

The calendar will appear. Dates that already have plans listed will appear in bold.

Here is the calendar

From there, select which date to copy the plan onto. If your copy to a date with a plan already on it, the copied information will not replace the old plan, but will add to it instead. Remember, if you pick a date in the past, you will no longer be able to use the Suggest function.

Select the date you want to copy to.