Introdution to Wagmu

Save your health, save your wealth, and save the world!

Welcome to Wagmu, where your health is in your control.

Wagmu is a system that allows you to log the foods you eat. But more than this, Wagmu acts as a guide, giving you tips about quantities and foods that would better meet your nutritional requirements, and save you money. Click the pumpkin to watch your nutrition improve, and your savings increase with every click. Wagmu encourages you to plan your food, rather than eat passively. After listening to Wagmu's suggestions, eat everything in your food plan, but don't eat more than your food plan. This way your money doesn't go to waste, and food doesn't go to your waist.

When you use Wagmu, pay attention to the Message Panel, as it will give you real time updates about your usage.

See the message Panel?

If you wish to control or monitor your weight, as always energy consumption is key. However, Wagmu is for so much more than this! It also seeks to provide you with all your nutrients while staying within your energy requirements. However, as when you start any new eating plan, check with your doctor to see if your use of Wagmu is appropriate for your needs. Wagmu's suggestions are meant to be taken as a guide only, and it is in no way a substitute for a trained expert. Please see the Wagmu User Agreement for further details.