Wagmu Suggest Dropdown

Wagmu Suggest Dropdown

The Wagmu Suggest Dropdown appears after you have used Suggest, and recommends foods that will improve your plan. This includes foods that will provide you with a nutrient you are lacking, or foods that will lower the cost of your plan.

To see the Wagmu Suggest Dropdown, click on the pumpkin that appears near where you would enter a food's quantity.

Click the pumpkin!

You don't have to type anything in. Instead, the Wagmu Suggest Dropdown will automatically reveal a rank ordered list of foods that would improve your plan. These foods not only improve your nutrition, but also lower your costs.

See what foods the Wagmu Suggest Dropdown recommends.

The Wagmu Suggest Dropdown even ranks your previously added foods, which are still listed above the grey divider. This way, as you get in the habit of choosing your food wisely, (perhaps through using the Suggest feature), the effects will multiple. Wagmu Suggest Dropdown will present you with recommedations that not only healthy, but taylored to your taste as well.