Tour Wagmu - the Food Plan.

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1. Let's start with the Food Plan tab. Click on the food dropdown.

The Food Plan tab. Click on the food dropdown.

2. Type a few letters to search for a food, then pick your food.

Click or scroll to the food item.

3. Type in a quantity...

Enter the quantity.

4. Then pick the units of measure.

Select the best unit.

5. The Nutrient Panel appears at right, showing all the nutrients you've eaten so far today.

The Nutrient Panel on the right shows your progress for the day.

6. If you've eaten this before, Wagmu shows the food near the top of the list...

Type in a search term.

7. ...and automatically loads the units and quantity!

Wagmu can automatically load the units and quantity.

8. Here, I've logged everything I've eaten for the day.

I've logged a full day.

9. On the Nutrients Panel, you can view your progress. Whoa! I'm short of Calcium. Better go drink some milk. And I've overdone the energy by almost 20% - maybe I shouldn't have had so much bacon.

Next, if you find a good food plan that you like, you can copy the food plan for another day.